Friday, February 20, 2009

Post Script to Thunder Storm.

The thunder storm we had on Wednesday didnt do any damage at our place. However, at the other end of town, the winds were gale force. One man lost 9 very big Polonia Trees in his garden.
Tree limbs blew down blocking of the street. One house had water come in and ruin the carpet. We are very thankful that we didnt get the full force of the storm, but feel for thoes that did.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thunder Storms

To day we had thunder storm warnings on the weather forecast. At about 3.30 eastern standard time they started to build. I decided to take some pictures, but missed the main build up. However, here are the shots I got.We had 124 points of rain and some small hail with quiet a bit of wind. There was no damage though, and the rain will do a lot of good.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I have a cotton bush that came up self sown three years ago. The frost cuts it off every winter and it re-shoots again in the spring. It is never watered or treated for pests. It has never had any of the heliothis caterpillers attack it although they attack my tomatoes at times. I picked 16 bowls from it a day or so ago. It has still got some unriped bowls as well. Everyyear it has been growing it produces cotton.


This is my little dog Gemma. She thinks she is a little person and is very spoilt. she will be 4 years old this June. I would recommend her breed to anyone wanting to get a small companion dog. The only draw back is the long coat. We keep her clipped as she spend a lot of time in the garden.

We have a new building in our town. National Parks and Wildlife have opened their new office here.
I dont think it fits the town profile at all. The old RSL Brick building was demolished to make way for this new structure. (It was a shame as the old building was very solid and had many fond memories for the majority of the town folk.) The eight poles that are standing in front of the building are supposed to represent the towns history with the timber industry and the forest. I have been told that the timber didnt even come from here- but was imported from Victoria. While this is surposed to be the purpose of the pole - I have heard said on many occasion that they look like a tank stand that has had the tank blown away in a wind storm. I guess we will all just have to get used to it.