Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mouse Spider

I have posted a photo of a mouse spider before. It being only a small female. I was weeding today and the gerate dragged a mouse spider web out of the ground. The big female was in the end that had broken and come out of the hole. I took a picture and put the ruler beside her so you could see the size of her. She was not very pleased with the event and quickly dissapeared back down her hole when given the chance.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I promised Will I would post a photo of Harry. He is a big boy. Will and his family own Harry but have not seen him for a while as he is staying at my place.

Bush Art.

We were coming home yesterday, along the way we saw a paddock that contained Bush Sculpture.
I decided to take some photos with my phone camera. They did not come out too well as it was very cloudy and late in the afternoon. Next time we go that way I will take the camers and try to get some better pictures. I will post these just to give you an idea of them. I think they are great.
I hope you like them, next time I hope to get better clearer pictures. They are all made from rusty metal- bits and pieces found about the place.