Thursday, October 30, 2008


We had a dry thunder storm a few weeks ago. A lot of noise and lightning. Shinga is usually very good in a storm and does not go silly like most horses, so we were not terriably worried about her and Lilly being out on the reserve. However, the day after the storm activity, when we went to check everything. Shinga was in the paddock next door.She looked very forlorn-just standing there. We knew straight away something was wrong. On close inspection- it was obvious that she had gone over the fence. A large gash across the left side of her chest and a puncture where the top of a star post had gone into her neck- were proof of what had happened. The gass is an open clean wound and will heal pretty quickly. While the star post left its mark- the full extent of the injury, indicated how lucky she was. The wound was only centermetres from her juglar vein. With the correct treatment she will be as good as new in no time. This photo of Shinga was taken a while back. She is much lighter in colour now. I think in time she will be a totally grey horse. Thomas own Shinga. She was a gift to him from myself and Charlie. I reared her from a few hours old. She was a twin, born at a Thoroughbred Stud. More details on her at a later date.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Boogie is growing quickly. I havent taken his photo for a while, but will get to it soon.

The Wiilywagtails have left home.

The Willywagtails have left their nest. I took a picture of them last week, they just filled the nest.
They grow so very quickly. There was only three babies in this clutch. They stayed around in the tree at the back of the shed for a couple of days, but are no where to be seen today. Every nest of babies does the same thing. We will probably see them down near the front gate in a few days time.
It wont be very long before the mother bird is laying eggs and sitting again. Charlie rouses about them pooping all over the concrete floor.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I don't consider myself a good gardener, just someone who likes plants. I have had a go at grafting some roses and too date have about 11 successes.
I have one with the two Iceburgs - Burgendy and White as well as the yellow Freesia on the one plant. My latest effort is New Era - the graft is just starting to grow. I put 3 buds on but only one was successful.

A Little Colour

There is a little colour about the garden at present. Some of the roses are opening, and the Water Iris are coming out. I like roses, but in our climate the Autumn Flowers are a long way in front of the spring flowers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Iris

My water Iris are coming into flower. The first to open is a blue one. I grow them in the fish pond in pots and remove them for the 2 coldest months of the winter.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Spring is a great time for Iris. They need a cold winter to flower well. We certainly had a cold winter this year. The range of colours and different types of Iris is almost endless. I dont have many, but some of the Bearded Iris are flowering. In a few days time I should have a water Iris opening.


We have lots of spiders in our garden. I dont worry about them as I feel if I leave them alone-they will not bother me. One spider in particular that does cause a bit of concern is the "Eastern Mouse Spider". We never see them very often, as the female lives in a tunnel in the ground. It is only if I happen to dig one up that I am reminded that they are about. I have been told that they are quiet venomus - equal to the funnel -web. The exception is the shape of the fangs, which are curved and are not able to afford the same bite of the funnel-web. I dont really know if this information is accurate - but I take it at face value. I happened to dig up a small female yesterday, she is only about 1/3 the size of a mature female. The male is much smaller and has a red head. The photo I took is not very clear, should I come across a mature female, I will photograph it and post it.


The new buds on the roses have been covered in aphids. The gardening experts say 'just spray them off with a good force of water from the hose'. I find this doesnt work. I give them a quick spray with a recommended spray - following the directions on the container. I dislike using chemicals, but I havnt been able to find anything else that really works, and this does. I think if you are extra careful and dont splash the spray around everywhere it is not too bad. Always being sure to wash well in cold water after doing the job.
My climbing "Maria Callis" is really lovely at the moment as is "Maybella" (which I transplanted during the winter)

Friday, October 10, 2008


The Williywagtails are nesting in the shed again. They have hatched their babies, and are feeding them constantly. As yet I have not taken a photo. Last year they raised four clutches in the same nest; a total of 15 babies.


We have so many frogs in our garden now. They just love the Fish Ponds and almost drive us mad when there is rain about. I am not sure of the variety we have. I took this picture in the climbing rose above the fish pond a few days ago. I think It may be a young green frog - uncoloured as yet. It has green flecks through the grey colour of its body. I intend to visit the National Parks Office and ask if they have any information on different frog species.


My Hippiastrums have started to flower. They are just the most beautiful plants. I was very disapointed today to find that a bird had destroyed one of the buds on a plant that hasnt flowered yet. I will have to wait until next year now to know what colour it is. Here is a photo of a red one that I have had for a few years.

Last year they were just coming into flower when a hail storm hit and destroyed every flower. I really like them but always seem to have some sort of problem at flowering time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Garden

Here a couple of my Cameliah Flowers.

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