Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Its mid afternoon 22nd May, 2013. Raining and really quiet cold.
We need the rain, but I just don't like wet days this time of year.
It is miserable for the animals, even though they have warm dry
and are fed very well. But everyone needs the rain, so it is a
matter of taking it and being grateful for it.
I have been making soap using goat milk the last few months.
Even if I say so myself it has turned out really well. I am intending
too keep trying and hopefully my efforts will improve as time goes by.

My heart goes out to the people in Moore, Oklahoma, USA. I cant imagine
how frightening the Tornado that hit them must have been.  It is
impossible to imagine how they are coping with their losses. I just hope
 things improve for them all.

Our first goat babies are due 2nd July.  Jewel has been a bit of a problem,
but it looks like she will be the first to kid this season. We are looking forward to
the arrival of strong healthy babies from her.

This is some of my first attempt at soap making.
We have used it now and it is very good.

Jane is a maiden doe who will kid for the first time this season.