Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 is here and already it is 1st February. Just after lunch today we had a very big storm.
The thunder and lightning was really severe. Rain fell in all directions and the wind blew it
everywhere in sheets of water. We measured 44ml. rain.
It is impossible to imagine how diverse this country of ours is. Raging bush fires and flooding rains.
The National Park in the Warrambungle Mountains near Coonabarabran was destroyed by fire.
The fire was reported to have started on 13th January and there was still a lot of hot spots burning,
however I expect the rain today would have taken care of them. The fire escaped the park and burnt out reportedly 56thousand hectares and 53 home completely destroyed along with numerous Shed and farm equipment and vehicles, not to mention the loss of animal life, domestic and native.
Victoria and Tasmania also have had their share of huge bush fires, while the top end of Queensland, down to Brisbane and into NSW have been inundated with flood waters.
These events are not new as my Parents often spoke of big bush fires and floods that left people with a lot of damage.
In 1950 the flood waters went through our house.  Dads prize stallion spent the duration of the flood an the table top from a truck suspended on 44 gallon drums.  Food and fresh water was carried to him by row boat.
These are the pleasures of living in Australia. Just one of the many pictures taken of the fire.