Saturday, November 5, 2011


I haven't visited my Blog for a while. I have not been enjoying the best of health.
At present I am undergoing Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer. I have been a non smoker and non drinker of Alcohol all my life and have eaten fresh fruit and vegetables daily. I dont know what has caused my illness. My husband and I have done the Rotary bowl scans each 2 years, with no adverse results. I had very few symptoms and thought my trouble was gall stone.
I would like to ask anyone reading this to make sure they have a regular check-up. Chemotherapy is no fun, but hopefully the end result will be a good outcome.


This is a resident in my Garden. These little Lizards are so cute. When it is hot they will drink from the end of the hose.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Its been very cold here the last two mornings. I am not sure what the temperature has been, but it must have been below zero by the very heavy frosts we have had. I think it would have been colder this morning then yesterday as the water pipe to the kitchen was frozen for the first time in quiet a few years. The poor old hens had to wait until the ice on their water melted before they could get a drink. It was the same for the goats and dogs. I am not at all keen on this frosty weather, but then again I don't seem to handle the heat of the summer too well either. My garden is not doing too well with the heavy frost and most of the plants are keeping their heads down. I tried to get some photos of the ice on the garden yesterday, but the photos don't really show how heavy the ice was.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back Again.

Hi I am back again. I haven't been here for a while. Hopefully I will find some interesting things to post before too long. Its mid winter here and cold and frosty. The temperature has been 0 degree celsius on a number of mornings, with heavy frost covering everything and doing a lot of damage in the garden. The winter solstice has passed so It is counting down to Spring. I always think mid July to mid August is the worst time of year, with the very cold south-west winds.

We generally don't have a long Spring season. We go from Winter into Summer.
This is my Zygo Orchid. I purchased it at the markets in Toowoomba a few years ago. It hasn't flowered much, so I was very Happy to find this one last, month.