Sunday, June 28, 2009

Parrot Flower

My Friend Lenore emailed me this picture of the Parrot Flower a protected species from Thailand.
It is really beautiful.

Fusha Cacti

My Fusha Cacti are in full flower and
look quiet good.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning, while checking the electric fence for leaks, Charlie came across a $50.00 note.
Heavens only knows how long it had been laying on the ground. It had disintergrated to a great degree. It just goes to show, be very careful with your money.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This Cameliah, called "Lady Lock", is a pale pink ruffeled type. However, this year there are three different shades on the one bush.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Mushrooms have grown and were large enough to harvest. We really enjoyed eating them and look forward to the next harvest. It is really quiet interesting to set up the box and watch for the first sign of growth, then to see them develop to a point where they can be picked and eaten.

Worm Farm

I have become quiet interested in having a worm farm. Some parts of my garden are really very water repelant. I am hoping that the worm water, from a worm farm might help turn it around.
My daughter-in-law is also very keen on the worm farms to provided nutrient for her garden.
I didnt have much idea about how to go about the whole thing. After a browse around the internet I came up with a few ideas. I settled on getting a couple of poly styrine boxes and adapting them to the job. I hope they work. This photo is not very clear as I put the worm farm inside a small shed I have in my garden.


We had a massive frost this morning. It was much heavier than the one of yesterday morning.
It has done quiet a bit of damage to the more frost tender parts of the garden. and the poor lawn got a real culture shock, after the recent rain it had put on a spurt of growth. However the frost chopped that right back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hopes' Babies

Hope has twin babies a boy and a girl. Kates' friend Loren thinks the girl should be name "Electra",
as she is so full of life and energetic. - wanting to play all the time.


We had a massive frost here this morning. Quiet a few of my plants have been burnt off by it.
Frosts are not a favourite of mine, but, they are part and parcel of our winter. I think winter has finally hit. It is very cold, a shock to our systemas we have had just the best weather for Autumn.
The trees have lost their leaves and the citrus is ripening.


I have not grown Pansies for a few years, so I decided to put in some seed this year. My first flower has come out this week. I really love Pansies, they are a very Happy looking type of flower.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My last post was some time ago, I just seemed to run out of things to add. However, my son and his wife and family gave Charlie a home mushroom kit. We have it in the pantry and after two weeks little mushrooms began to appear. They are growing quiet well and will soon be ready to harvest.