Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Its the 9th of September already. Spring is 9 days old. We have had some much needed rain over the last week or so, and everything is looking good. It is still rather cold though. The trees are starting to get their new leaves and signs of thngs happening are about.
The Wood Ducks that have been nesting out the front of our block, bought their babies through about 10 days ago. They have been bringing theor young through our block for quiet a few years now. I ran to get my camera, but by the time I got back they had dissapeared. Yesterday, I saw then down by the dam, again I ran for the camera. The young ducks had grown considerably since the first sighting. Again they disapearsed as I came near. There is about a dozen of them. Two hit the water with their mother and I was able to take a photo of them.

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