Sunday, May 9, 2010

Excess Sale

I haven't added anything to my pages for a while, There hasnt been a lot happening.
I don't think I will get any dish cloths from my Luffa crop. Even though the Luffas' have done great, I think we will get early frost that will probably stop them from drying out. They seem to be different from the ones I have grown previously. I will just have to wait and see what happens.
We went to an Excess Sale yesterday in Coona. They are held about once a month. Usually there is
cattle, sheep, goats and pigs in the livestock line up along with a large variety of Birds Ducks and Chickens of all types. Sometimes there will be Ferrets, Rabbits and Kittens as well. Apart from the livestock there can be household items, various building and fencing materials. Yesterday I got a real bargin, I bought 3 large garden pots for $5.00. My buy of the day was a pair of
Silver Lace Wyandotte Bantams also for the price of $5.00 each. When I say my buy of the day - it was for me as I think these little bantams are just beautiful. I was told they were Stud Birds, but even if they are not- I am really happy to have them.

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