Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fruit Fly

Anyone who grows Tomato or fruit will understand the problem Fruit Fly can cause. They spoil what might have been wonderful food.
I have been looking for something that really tackles them without pestacides. I am hoping I have the answer.
Through word of mouth I have discovered a Fruit Fly trap bait that seems to attract the little blitters. I have made my own traps from recycled honey jars. (You can buy the bottles but at $6.50 each they soon run into money, when you need a few.) The bait is rather expensive at $51.50 for 5 litres; however, if it does the job and gets rid of the menace it is not really costly.
This is probably a free add for the manufacturer, but the more fly that is trapped the better for everyone. It is Fruit Fly Bait, Wild May Essestial Oils, Pty. Ltd.
I have had the traps up for 1 week. Here are the results.

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