Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Grandmothers Plants

This is an ecaveria (Hen & Chicken) . My grandmother called this one Ballsom. It is known as vinca these daysand come in more than the Pink and White shades I have.

In my garden I have 2 plans that My Grandmother (my Mums Mother) always had in her gardens, where ever she may have been living. She took these plants with her whenever the family moved house or to another town. The plants I have are from the plants My Grandmother carried with her over many years. I have had mine for 45 years now and hope that they will continue in my Garden for as long as I have a garden.


moana said...

hi donna, i brought a plant (hen & chickens off you at one of the market days in the main street, and it's growing well. just waiting for a few chickens! the hen plant has grown quite large. So i have one of Granny's plants too. regards Val

Jennifer Hunter said...

I love hens and dainty.